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Top 25 Beach Buys and This Weekend’s Fun Events

I don’t want you to miss any of the fun this weekend, so here are the events with the highest FUN FACTOR. There is so much to do. And please check out our Top 25 Condo Buys On The Beach, because we know you all want to play on the sand and water this summer, […]

Hidden Gems On The Water

Though my travels and home searches with clients, I sometimes “stumble” across amazing properties that I didn’t even know existed. If they excite me, I started thinking that they may excite you too. So, I am going to share them with you periodically, starting today! And, by the way, they all just happen to be […]

New Construction Update

During the past few months, I have shared information about new construction projects that I am especially excited about. Things are progressing nicely at all, and with our low inventory levels, sales are brisk. I don’t want you to miss out, so call us today to go visit and learn more. 813-679-6903! Let us know […]

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